How to Enable Dark Mode on macOS Mojave

Here’s an easy tip to enable Dark Mode on macOS Mojave on your Mac. Dark mode is awesome and works across the entire system. Iam loving it.

Apple released the macOS Mojave on WWDC 2018 with the beta version for developers only. Now it is available for Public testers as well.

macOS Mojave contains bug fixes and improvements along with the new features like system-wide Dark Mode, Stacks, Group Folders, Dynamic Wallpaper, revamped Mac App Store, and more.

How to install macOS Mojave on mac

Compatible devices for MacOS Mojave

Before you enroll in Apple’s public beta program, make sure to check if your Mac is compatible with the new Mojave.

  • 2012 Mac mini or newer
  • 2012 iMac or newer
  • 2013 Mac Pro
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Air or newer
  • Mid-2012 MacBook Pro or newer
  • iMac Pro
  • 2015 Macbook or newer

The most dashing feature I have seen in macOS Mojave is the dark mode and group folders.

So let’s begin how you can turn on the dark mode feature on macOS Mojave.

How to get dark mode on MacOS Mojave?

Enabling dark mode on macOS Mojave is simple and looks dashing. Dark Mode in macOS Mojave prevent your eyes from burning and makes you comfort at night.

There are two methods to get the dark mode on your Mac running macOS Mojave. Follow the simple steps;


1. When installing Mojave for the first time, it prompts an action (default white mode or dark mode)

2. Simply choose the dark mode to get changes.


1. Click on the Apple logo icon on the menu bar


2. Go to System Preferences

3. Choose the General menu


4. There you find the two Appearance option.


5. Select dark mode and enable it.

Your mac now turns fully black and dark.


How to Disable Dark Mode on macOS Mojave

Turning off Mojave Dark Mode is just as simple. If you don’t like the dark mode and want the default white interface you can disable it at any time you want. Just follow the same process and turn it off.

That’s it. Enjoy and let us know what’s a new feature you have seen in macOS Mojave.

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