How To Edit Videos Shot on iPhone


Apple iPhone is capable of shooting beautiful videos. The quality we can get from video shot on an iPhone ranges from 720P to 4K. But do you have a perfect video editor for your Mac that can handle these high-quality videos? If not, you must check out one editor for Mac that not only renders video faster but offers so many cool features to decorate your videos.

There are so many video editors for Mac but either they are expensive or they do not have
enough features that we need. But Movavi has it all. The software itself is lightweight that
offers enough processing power to boost your video rendering at full speed. The software
offers great unique filters, transitions, different styles of text to create beautiful titles or
subtitles, stickers and more.

Also, you can create a voice over and apply equalizer according to your need and choice. And if you are a beginner and want to get started video editing then you should definitely try out this software on your Mac. Surely you will learn a lot. The software has clear UI and everything is placed on right place so that you don’t have to search for any feature here and there. Even if you launch the software for the first time, you will figure everything all by yourself.

Let’s edit a video shot on iPhone.

Step 1: Launch Program and Click New Project

Step 2: Import Media like Video, Pictures, Music and so on

Step 3: Now Trim the useless part of the video and keep only the best one

Step 4: Add Music by dragging the sounds into the Music section. You can also use sounds that are pre-loaded into this software.

Step 5: Use Filters and Transition by dragging into the video

Step 6: Lastly export the video to your desired file format. It’s that easy!

Movavi Video Editor for Mac is free to download however you have to buy a license key if you need premium features. The price fits just great on your budget. It’s only $34.95 for life time activation.