How to disable red app icon badge on iPhone

App badge icon are the easiest way to check how many pending notifications you have for your apps but it’s quite annoying to see badge icon for every apps. Don’t worry you can disable red app icon badge on iPhone easily.

If you are not sure what badge app icons are then they are red colored number alerts that can be seen on top right corner of an app icon.

You can turn off these app notification badges on iPhone if you think you no longer want to receive such alerts in app icon. If you want to keep it clear then here is how to disable.

How to disable red app icon badge on iPhone in iOS 11/10

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Tap Notifications
  3. Tap any app that you no longer want to receive badges
  4. Under Badge App Icon, toggle on/off to enable/disable badges app icon

turn off badge app icon

Similarly, if you want to turn off app notifications and app notification badges completely then, toggle off Allow Notification.

Remember, turning off app notification badge could miss out important alerts like missed phone call, new messages, emails and other updates. So it’s better to enable them all the time. However, you can turn off app icon badge for less used apps.


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