How to Connect Airpods with Windows PC

Airpod is not only for iPhones and other Apple devices but works on Windows laptop. In this post, you will learn, how to connect Airpods with Windows PC with easy steps.

Pairing Airpods¬†on iPhone is easy. You just have to turn on bluetooth, open the Airpods lid and you’re good to go! But when it comes to Windows 10 PC, a little effort is needed from your side.

Connect Airpods with Windows PC

  1. Launch Settings on your Windows PC
  2. Click on Devices
  3. Click Bluetooth & other devices
  4. Turn On Bluetooth – Click Add Bluetooth or other devicesBluetooth
  5. Now Open the lid of Airpods
  6. Press and Hold the back button that you can see in Airpods [Leave the button when you see white light blinking]
  7. You will see your Airpods name in Add a device section
  8. Click on it and you’re done!

Once it is paired, the next time you want to connect airpods with PC, go to Bluetooth & other devices section on PC and select the Airpods that you previously paired!

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