Check out the price of upcoming iPhone 8 | It’s EXPENSIVE!!

Apples upcoming iPhone 8 is being showcased at Keynote Event
on September 12 which is really near and there has been some source coming
about the price tag that Apple would put on these devices. Wondering how much iPhone 8 would cost?
Image Source: Martinhajek
According to the very closed source of Benjamin Geskin, the
iPhone 8 will be the most expensive phone that Apple has ever built. He claims
that the iPhone 8 would cost $999 for a base model which would be of 64
Gigabytes (these prices are exclusive of tax) and the highest price of $1199
for a 512 Gigabyte model.
iPhone 8 price list:
  • iPhone 8 64 GB Price – $999
  • iPhone 8 256 GB Price – $1099
  • iPhone 8 512 GB Price – $1199
Apple is adding OLED display technology, wireless charging,
3D sensing cameras, and other feature which could be the reason for an
expensive price tag. The newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is being sold at
$930 which makes it the most expensive phone right now. But it is Apple, now
with a revolutionary features which could cost iPhone 8 more than the price of
Note 8.