How to Hide Alerts for Specific Messages in iOS 11 on iPhone

Here’s how to hide Message alerts for specific number/person in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad. With the release of iOS 11 beta, there is a feature added inside a message app where you can hide alerts for specific messages.
In earlier iOS version, there was only the option to delete messages but this hiding message alerts feature in iOS 11 is very important when you don’t want a frequent alert from anyone.

Apple has improved and added lots of features in iOS 11 this time. If you haven’t checked out iOS 11 features yet, you can do it by clicking the link below

How to hide message alerts in iOS 11 for specific number or person

To stop getting message alerts from a specific person in Message app in iOS 11, simply
Launch Message app – Swipe left in the conversation for the message you don’t want to get alerts.
There you will get two option; Delete and Hide Alerts. Tap on Hide Alerts and you’re done. You will never receive an alert from the specific numbers until you wish to turn it back on.
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