A hacker bypasses iPhone passcodes on iOS 11 or later

According to ZDNet Matthew Hickey, a security specialist, and a hacker has discovered a method to brute force the iPhone or iPad passcode running iOS 11 or later.

In the earlier iOS version, all iOS devices have a encryption and have a functionality of four or six-digit passcode protection which was impossible to break or unlock iPhone or iPad without a passcode.

And if the wrong passcode is entered too many times, the device gets a locked out and have to wait until the time frame which then needs to restore it to the factory setting.

Now security researcher and co-founder of cybersecurity firm Hacker House have found a way to bypass wrong passcode limit on iOS 11 or later and has posted on Vimeo.

Hickey found a way around that. He explained that when an iPhone or iPad is plugged in and a would-be-hacker sends keyboard inputs, it triggers an interrupt request, which takes priority over anything else on the device.

Apple needs to fix this hack, that is why Apple is rolling out a new feature called USB Restricted Mode in its upcoming iOS 12 update making more difficult to bypass.

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