Google launches ARCore to compete with Apple’s ARKit

Just like Apple has ARKit, Google now has ARCore. Google
recently launched a new developer platform to create Augmented Reality apps to
compete against Apple’s ARKit.
Few months back, Apple unveiled ARKit at WWDC event. With
ARKit apps, you can interact with virtual things within your iOS devices. And
now Google has also planned to enter AR world to compete with Apple’s ARKit.
Google already had a same kind of project few years back called Tango but it
required some advanced hardware built into the smartphone. But now it is focusing
more on ARCore which can work with the use of a software alone.
Google’s ARCore functions just like Apple’s ARKit which works
with the help of Java/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal delivering three major features:
motion tracking, environmental understating and light estimation.
Developers can try out the new ARCore starting from today on
Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 devices running Android 7.0 or avove.
Let’s see what these two competitors has to offer.