Get iPhone 8 event Wallpaper for your iPhone

iPhone 8 event is going to be held on September 12 at 10 am
Pacific Time on Tuesday and there is so much excitement among us. Apple will
finally unveil the much awaited iPhone of the year for all of us.
We have already seen so many rumors about iPhone 8 getting an
OLED display, wireless charging, bezel-less screen, vertical dual lens camera
and more but we have not seen the original iPhone yet! 
So it is still not fixed
whether the upcoming iPhone would be as identical as we have seen in the rumor
or be completely different.  But I am so
excited to see the new iPhone 8 whatever it be.
While we wait for the new iPhone 8, you can show some love by
getting these beautiful iPhone 8 event wallpapers for your iPhone. The wallpapers
below are fan made and look really good on your iPhone. I will link the creator
of these wallpaper below. You should definitely check their hard work

Creator: ApplePro

Creator: Zan Cerne
Creator: Quentin
Creator: A. Javier Esquivel
Creator: AR7
Creator: AR7