Samsung Galaxy S8’s iris scanner gets fooled by a printed photo and a contact lens

phones has always been in a security issues for many times. Once again it has arouse
a big question on newly launched feature on Galaxy S8’s that is Iris Scanner.
A video from
Chaos Computer Club (CCC) has demonstrated how they unlocked Galaxy S8 by a
simple photograph and a contact lens. Samsung has been calling its Iris Scanner
the safest way to unlock the phone. But this video proves that it is really
weak in terms of security.
takes the photo of the owner using a night mode, crop and then prints it. After
that a contact lens is placed on the printed photo and when tried to unlock the
Galaxy S8, it immediately unlock the phone assuming it as a human eye which is
a big security issue.

Apple is
also rumored to launch Iris Scanner feature on its upcoming iPhone 8. Hope it
will learn a good lesson from this and bring the best and safest Iris Scanner
for its iPhone.
Source BGR