Four New iPhone Apple May Debut in 2020

J.P. Morgan Chase latest note. believes Apple will launch four new iPhone models in 2020 with major upgrades that would make them do very well from a sales perspective.

The analyst believes Apple will launch three OLED and 5 G iPhones in 2020. The three iPhones will have 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch screen sizes respectively. Two of the three iPhones will also feature an AR / VR 3D ToF sensor.

Renowned analyst Kuo and other rumors also pointed to Apple shaking up its iPhone lineup big in 2020. While adding 5 G to iPhones in 2020 will definitely be a big deal, from a consumer perspective, the change in screen size will be even bigger.

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The fourth iPhone would cost even lower than the iPhone XR. The phone will miss the 5 G modem and the OLED display, thanks to major internal upgrades and 5 G connectivity. Morgan Chase analyst believes Apple will be shipping around 195 million iPhones in 2020. That’s about 15 million more than the company’s predicted 180 million units this year.