How to fix when your iPhone freezes clicking malicious video link

A malicious video link .mp4 has been
circulating around that makes your iPhone-iPad unresponsive and crashes when
played on Safari. It’s a five second video clip and when clicking that .mp4
link, the video plays and it does not seem to cause any issue but after a while
it slows down your device and freezes completely.


The video link has been tested in a
video posted by EverythingApplePro, and the exploit seems to work on all
devices running the latest iOS versions 10.2 beta 3 to iOS 5.0. So we advise
you all not to play that video link until Apple fix this issues in the upcoming
software update.
Take a look the Video How this malicious
video link freezes your iPhone
The only way to fix your iPhone or bring
your device back when freezes clicking that malicious video link is to Hard
your iPhone-iPad-iPod touch.

If you have iPhone 6s and older devices, you will have to press the power and
Home buttons for a few seconds to Hard Reset and if you are on the iPhone 7 and
iPhone 7 Plus, you will have to hold down the power and volume button to Hard

With this way you can fix your iPhone
from Malicious Video Link
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