Facebook introducing Automatic Alternative Text feature to make blind people “see” Photos on Facebook

Facebook is rolling out a new feature on
Facebook where blind people will be able to feel the photos shared on Facebook. 
Automatic Alternative Text is a new feature by Facebook where it generates a
description of photos using advancement in object recognition technology.

Basically blind people will get all the
description about what’s in the photo. For example “Image may contain three
people, smiling, outdoors.”
Previously, people using Screen Readers
on iOS were able to hear only the name of the person who shared the photo. But
now, they will be able to hear all the description about the photo as they
scroll through the feeds.
Right now it is available only in English
language as it will be adding this functionality on other languages too.
This is a great step by Facebook which
has made it easier for everyone to get connected and share things among them.
Thank You Facebook!