How Do I Launch Reachability Mode in iPhone X

Where is Reachability in iPhone X? How do i enable Reachability in iPhone X?

The new iPhone X is huge and is difficult to be used with only one hand. People are getting their hands on and some of them have probably owned it but they might be missing one big feature from the previous iPhone, “Reachability”.

With Reachability, users areable to pull down half of the screen towards downside to be able to use iPhone with one hand. It can be invoked by double tapping the Finger-Print Scanner but there is no Finger-Print scanner on iPhone X so how users are supposed to use Reachability Mode on iPhone X?
Many people thought Apple has ditched this feature on iPhone X but No! You can still use Reachability feature on iPhone X but there is a trick.

In this post, we will guide you on how to Enable and Launch Reachability Mode on iPhone X.

Launch Reachability Mode on iPhone X

Step 1: Before you could start using Reachability Mode on iPhone X, first thing you need to do is Enable it. Go to Settings – General – Accessibility and Turn On Reachability feature from there
Step 2: Once the Reachability option is turned On, simply Swipe Downwards on the new Gesture Bar area to invoke Reachability Mode option in iPhone X.
This will bring almost half of the part of screen allowing you to use iPhone X with only one hand. Isn’t that a cool feature? And if you would like to go back to the full screen, simply Swipe Upwards from the Gesture Bar area.
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