How to Enable Hidden iOS 11 Dark Mode on iPhone/iPad

Apple has finally added the most awaited Dark Mode feature in iOS 11 with a new function called Smart Invert Colors. Follow this simple method to enable hidden Dark Mode (Smart Invert Colors) on iOS 11.

Smart Invert colors reverse the color of the display, except for images, media and some apps that use dark color styles.

Apple on June 5 announced so many new OS updates for iOS devices. All the Apple products gained an OS update including tvOS, WatchOS, MacOS, and iOS. Apple showcased its OS for almost every device and all the updates are pretty awesome. But it did not talk about all the features added to it.

iOS 11 gained some cool features like new control center, new features on iMessage, new Siri voices and more. But it did not mention all the features that they brought to iOS 11. We always wanted a Dark Mode from a long time but Apple has added a Dark Mode in iOS 11 as a hidden feature with the function name “Smart Invert”.

We even created a Dark Mode of our own by inverting the colors to classic on Accessibility settings. It worked pretty well but at some part, it did not do as well as we wanted.

Now in iOS 11, a fine and working Dark Mode is added. Here’s how you can enable iOS 11 hidden Dark Mode feature on iPhone, iPad.

How to Enable Dark Mode (Smart Invert) in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad

It is pretty much the same process as you did before to enable invert colors. Now to get hidden Dark Mode on your iPhone in iOS 11, you should again enable the invert color option but not the same one. There is a new option in the accessibility settings and that is “Smart Invert”

“Smart Invert” is a new feature added to the new iOS 11 that applies a dark mode on the entire iOS system including settings, App Store, iMessage, photos app and more. Smart Invert is similar to Invert which was already there but it is so smart that it knows which area to invert and which area do not.

For example, it does not invert the photos in the photos app but only applies dark mode to the other part. All together it is really nice and amazing to see dark mode on the iPhone. Let’s do this…

How to Get Hidden Dark Mode in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad

To get hidden Dark Mode on iPhone/iPad running iOS 11, all you need to do is go to:

GeneralAccessibilityDisplay AccommodationsSmart Invert Colors.

You’re done. Dark Mode will be applied to the entire iOS interface. Isn’t is cool? You should give it a try when you first install iOS 11 on your iPhone.

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