Download the Latest Official iOS 14 iPhone wallpapers

Apple releases iOS 14 beta 1 for registered developers for download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iOS 14 has a new App Library view where Apps are organized automatically in the App Library, and not all icons have to be kept on your actual home screen view.

Along with that, Apple added new widgets and now supports picture-in-picture like in iPad. Likewise, Siri has a new interface, not overcoming the whole screen.

Apple also added som many features like Translate app, advanced CarPlay, Inline replies, EV routing, Cycling direction, Emojis etc.

Download Official iOS 14 Wallpapers

With the release of iOS 14, Apple added some cool default wallpapers in the new update. You can download iOS 14 wallpaper and set it as wallpaper even you don’t have a developer account.

The iOS 14 iPhone wallpaper pictures come with their own dark versions in three versions. Lime Green, orange, purple, blue, dark red, gray, and black.

The iOS 14 wallpapers were were obtained by @ispazio. Go through the google doc link to get the cool wallpapers.