Download 24 Awesome iOS 9 themes for iPhone/iPad

What’s up guys! Are you looking for beautiful iOS 9 themes
for iPhone/iPad? Well, I have listed some of the best themes for iOS 9 which are
freshly designed for all iPhone, iPad & iPod touch which changes your
HomeScreen layout in a beautiful way and supports both Anemone &
Are you looking for beautiful iOS 9 themes for iPhone/iPad? Well, I have listed some of the best themes for iOS 9 which are freshly designed for all iPhone

As iOS devices have same old stock icon
theme by default so I found some fresh and beautiful themes to give some
refreshment to your devices which offers number of icons, docks, badges,
UI, folders, bootlogo and more. All these themes are compatible
with all iOS devices running iOS 8 or higher.

These entire iPhone themes are available
via ZodTTD & MacCiti repo and some of the theme I have listed is for
free and some are paid.
To get all these iOS 9 themes, your
devices need to be jailbroken first and you need to download an application
called Winterboard or Anemone from Cydia. 
Let’s Begin… 
Array ($1.99)

 BaSal9 (Free) from Xarold Repo

 Clovis ($1.99)

 CRT iOS9 ($3.49)

 Elite 9 (Free) from Xarold Repo

 Folded iOS9 ($3.49)

 Freya ($0.99)

 Influx ($1.99)

 LonePx (Free)

 Maju ($3.99)

 Neptune ($1.59)

 Ombre ($1.00)

 Frameless ($4.00)

 Phix iOS 9 ($3.49)

 Polygon for Anemone ($3.49)

 Pooland ($3.29)

 Pure ($2.49)

 Real (Free)

 ReOS ($2.00)

 Rounex (Free)

 Shad0w ($1.00)

 Tha Noir iOS9

 Thira ($1.99)

 Yuka ($1.50)

34aa ($3.29)
How to Enable themes on your devices
Step 1: First your devices need to be jailbroken. If your device has not yet jailbroken then here’s step by step on How to jailbreak iOS 9.0.2- 9.1 using Pangu.
Step 2: Go to Cydia
Step 3: Download any of the themes.
Step 4: Install any platform. Either ‘Anemone’ or ‘Winterboard’ & enable downloaded themes from there. And I personally recommend for Anemone.
That’s it. Enjoy with your new look of your device.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment below…

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