Don’t Forget To Carry This $8 Accessory If You Use A MacBook Or The 2018 iPad Pro

Since Apple ditched the USB A port, you now have to use an external adapter to bring back the USB A port. USB A port is really essential port if you want to connect a flash drive, lightning cables to transfer data on iOS devices, connect a printer, mouse, keyboard and etc. We never know when these types of circumstances may arrive so it is better to back up this USB C to USB 3.0 adapter which is only $8 today, usually $10.

From the Product Page:

[USB 3.0 Superspeed] Up to 5Gbps data transfer speed

[Match Macbook] Unibody aluminum casing. 3 colors to match Apple Macbook

[Durable Aluminum Body] High-quality components ensure longer life span

[Tip 1] Need to push the adapter to the end till you hear a click

[Tip 2] Works with the original Apple Cable

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