Do Not Use FaceTime on Apple Devices Until Next iOS Update!

FaceTime is one premium feature on Apple Device that allows users to make a voice and video call on the go. But it has faced a serious issue and you should temporarily ignore this feature at least for now.

First reported by 9to5Mac, this FaceTime bug allows to hear a person whoever you are calling even if they do not pick up the call. That’s creepy! This bug is present on iPhone and iPad running iOS 12.1 or later and even the Mac as well.

Here is a video that explains everything about the iOS 12.1 FaceTime bug.

Apple has been notified about this issue and it has confirmed that it will be releasing a next iOS update to fix the FaceTime bug later this week. Right now, you can turn off FaceTime by going to Settings – FaceTime – Turn Off the toggle.