How to Decline an iPhone Calls in iOS 11 both Locked & Unlocked state

Declining a calls on iPhone in iOS 11 or lower is pretty easy but little bit confusing when it is locked state. Here’s a tip to decline an iPhone calls both in locked and unlocked state.

You might have noticed that when you have incoming call on your iPhone, it only shows slide to answer button but no decline button which creates some confusion for user for the first time. So how you will decline the call if want?

In unlocked state, you have both answer and decline button which is easily to control the calls. Apple didn’t add a decline option in lockscreen because that might accidentally answer or decline the calls

When you have an incoming calls when your iPhone is in locked state, you have the slide to answer and message button only with no decline button. If you have an calls in unlocked state, you have slide to answer to accept the call, decline button to decline call, remind me button to set a reminder for call back and message option instead of accepting the call.

How to Decline a iPhone Calls in iOS 11 in Unlocked state (Homescreen)

decline iphone call in unlocked state

It’s very easy to decline any phone calls on iPhone when in unlocked state. When you receive an incoming calls, you will see an option on your iPhone Screen as Decline, Answer, Remind me and message. You can simply tap the decline button to decline any calls.

How to Decline an iPhone Calls in iOS 11 in Locked State (Lockscreen)

decline iphone calls with power buttonIt is little bit confusing for new users to decline any phone calls on iPhone in Locked state as it has an option to answer a call, remind me and message on the screen.

So When the iPhone is in locked state, simply double press the Side or Sleep/Wake/Power on iPhone X, iPhone 8-iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7-7Plus or earlier models to decline a incoming calls.Single pressing on Side or Sleep/Wake/Power will make your iPhone silent.

How to Decline an iPhone Calls With EarPods

Similarly, pressing and holding the EarPods center button for 2 secs, you can easily decline a calls on the iPhone.


How to Decline an iPhone Calls With AirPods


Unfortunately, there is no option in AirPods to decline a calls on the iPhone. Apple might add a some calling feature option in AirPods in the future.

How to Decline an iPhone Calls With Apple Watch

decline call in apple watch

With Apple watch, you can decline an iPhone calls by tapping on the red decline button or double pressing the crown.

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