How to Control Mac/PC using your iPhone

In this post, you will learn on how to
make your iPhone as a remote to control Mac/PC.
Would you believe if I say iPhone can also
be used as mouse or keyboard to remotely control PC or Mac? Definitely yes! Now
you can make your iPhone and iPad more handy and useful. You can use your
iPhone/iPad as keyboard and mouse on your PC or Mac simultaneously, remotely
and wirelessly. 
In this post, you will learn on how to make your iPhone as a remote to control Mac/PC.
With the app called “Remote Mouse”, you will be able to access your PC or Mac keyboard with fast typing and can even control your
mouse pointer right from your iPhone and iPad. Not only that you can also
access your PC or Mac’s taskbar directly from your iPhone or iPad using Remote
Also this app offers Apple Watch compatibility
which means you can easily control your Mac or PC using Apple Watch too.
Remote Mouse works under Wifi and 3G network and is compatible with Windows 10,
8, 7, XP, Vista, Mac OSX 10.6+.
Remote Mouse turns your iPhone, iPad or
Apple Watch into a wireless user-friendly remote control for your Mac/PC.
It’ll surprise you with fully simulated touch-pad, keyboard and featured remote
panels which make your remote experience simple and efficient. 
Let’s say you are watching a movie from
a 6 ft distance on your laptop and you want to pause a movie or skip some
minutes of it, “Remote Mouse” will help you doing that. You
don’t even need to touch your Mac or PC. You can simply do all the things from your
iPhone or iPad.
Not only that, you can even shut down or
restart your laptop using your iPhone or iPad with Remote Mouse. Isn’t it the
cool app?
In this post, you will learn on how to make your iPhone as a remote to control Mac/PC.
In addition to that Remote Mouse offers
lot of features as:
  • Fully Simulated Mouse
  • Magic Trackpad
  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Function Keyboard in Landscape Mode
    (full version only)
  • Key Combination Input
  • Media Remote (need unlocking)
  • Support iTunes, Keynote, Powerpoint,
    Hulu and Powerpoint for Mac
  • Support Windows Media Player, Window
    Photo Viewer, Powerpoint and iTunes on Windows
  • Physical Volume Buttons Control to
    adjust computer volume and change presentation slides
  • Image Transfer (need unlocking)
  • Spotify Remote (need unlocking)
  • Application Launcher & Switcher
  • Shut Down / Sleep / Restart / Log Off
  • Numeric Keyboard
  • Swaying Mode Control
  • Remotely Typing with Voice (need Siri)
  • Connect via IP & QR code
  • Password Protection
  • Customizable Interface
  • Customizable Wallpapers
  • You should definitely try this app and
    share your thoughts in the comment section.
  • Remote Mouse is compatible with all
    iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs running iOS 7 or later.

How to remotely control Mac or PC using
With this way you will be able to use
your iPhone as a mouse or keyboard and use everything without even touching
your PC or Mac.
Step 1: Downloaded the Remote
app on your iPhone/iPad from App Store, and turn on Wifi on your device.
Step 2: Also, you need to install the
computer server for Mac and Windows to allow Remote Mouse access. That is you
need to download and install Remote Mouse server on your PC or Mac from
Step 3: Open the Remote Mouse app on your Mac or PC and it will automatically detect IP
address of your computer.
Step 4: Now open up Remote Mouse App from iPhone
& iPad and select your Computer or PC.
You are done!
You will see all the instruction to use
remote mouse and keyboard from your iPhone and iPad.
Voila you can now able to use your
iPhone and iPad as your mouse and keyboard simultaneously.
You can also configure options from the
Panels tab and Settings app.
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