Top 42 Compatible Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11.1.2 [Fully Tested]

Here are the Top 42 Best Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 11.1.2/11.1.1/11/10/9 that are fully tested and works perfectly on all jailbroken iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs.

As we all know, iOS devices are nothing without Jailbreak & Jailbreak are nothing without Cydia Tweaks. And after a long wait, CoolStar release the Electra jailbreak with Cydia. But there are many cydia tweaks that are not compatible yet. I think you agree with this. Cydia tweaks adds many functions to your devices.

Jailbreak tweaks play a significant role in customizing iOS devices. Cydia tweaks allows you to change and play with each and every system of the iOS 11.1.2/11.1.1/11/10/9 devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch).

Apple doesn’t allow us to customize our device and play with its system. It strictly prohibit us from doing that. So to break that chain, Jailbreak is all the answer you need.

Here are the tested Compatible Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.1.2 and below;

Make sure to add following repos on Cydia in order to install these jailbreak tweaks compatible with iPhone X, iPhone 8- 8 Plus, iPhone 7 – 7 Plus or below running iOS 11.1.2/11.1.1 or below.

Cydia Sources (Repository): 

  • BigBoss Repo –
  • Modmyi Repo –
  • ZodTTD & MacCiti –
  • HideLabels10 Repo:
  • NoFolderBackground Repo:
  • Circa repo:

Compatible Cydia Tweaks for iOS 11.1.2

  • AutoRotate
  • Aporeo
  • Backspace+
  • Circa
  • Cylinder
  • DayNightSwitch
  • DetailBatteryUsage
  • EmojiKey
  • ForceInPicture
  • FirstEditBookmark
  • FlatSafariURL
  • Folders6Plus
  • Flame
  • GlowBadge
  • HideLabels10
  • HapticFeedback
  • Icon Renamer
  • iPad Cam for iPhone
  • Lockscreen Custom Text iOS 10
  • Minimal HUD
  • Mute
  • Moose
  • MakeRespringGreatAgain
  • NoFolderBackground
  • No Spotlight BG Mask
  • NoLiveClock
  • NoSharePLZ
  • NoLowerPowerAlert
  • NoPageDots7
  • PhotoSize
  • QuickVolumeHUD+
  • QuickPowerMode
  • RespringProgress
  • SmallVolumeStep
  • System Info
  • SimplePasscodeButtons
  • StatusFolder
  • TranslucentCydia
  • TimeFormat
  • Universal
  • UnlockVol
  • Zepplin

If you have not yet jailbreak your devices then you can go through the below link;

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.1.2 using Electra with Cydia included

These are the tested jailbreak tweaks that are compatible with jailbroken iPhone/iPad running iOS 11.1.2/11.1.1/11 or below.

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