Clex3 : An awesome way to use Music app

There is
always an advantage of adding new features to your device if your device is
jailbroken. The features are limited within the stock iOS so the ability to change
the systems setting is really difficult on it. But there is nothing to worry
when we have a jailbreak. There are many tweaks on Cydia which allows you to
add more functionality to your device. Likewise, a new tweak is live in Cydia
which allows you to add even more features to your stock Music app.

Clex3, a new cydia tweak which will change
the way you use your Music app. This tweak adds two controllers on your device.
One can be accessed by swiping from left side of the screen to the right side &
another can be accessed by swiping from right side of the screen to the left
side. The right controller allows you to view the now playing option and the
lyrics of the song if available and the left controller show all the songs,
albums, artists, and playlist available on your device. Another main function
of this tweak is you can access the controller even if you are on any
application or a game. Isn’t it the best thing?

So if you
like this tweak, you can buy it for $2.99 from the BigBoss repo. This tweak is
compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, and iOS 9. This tweak is not compatible for iPad.
Step 1: Go
to Cydia and Tap on the Search icon.
Step 2: Now
type the name of the tweak: Clex3
Step 3: Tap
on install twice and confirm. Your tweak will start to download immediately.
Note: Always
Respring or Reboot the device after you install any of the tweak. The installed
tweak might not work if you do not Respring or Reboot your device.