Change Theme and Country/Region on Appstore with ThemeStore [JailBreak Tweak]

A new is
available in Cydia which changes the theme of your AppStore. Not only that,
there are more features hidden into this tweak. Let’s review some of its
features in brief.
ThemeStore, a
must have tweak for Jailbroken device allows you to change the color of the AppStore
with dark mode. There is only one theme available right now but it is really
cool to use the AppStore at night.  
Also you can
uninstall app with a simple swipe from within the App Store. You do not even
need to enter the jiggle mode. All you have to do is go to theme store settings
– go to installed apps – and swipe left on the app that you want to uninstall.

You can also change
the Country/Region without having to follow very long process. You can select
any country with a few taps with this tweak. For example, if you are in US,
normally App Store will show you US App Store. If you like to check out the top
games in UK store, you can simply do it by going to Theme Store Settings –
Change Store Front – and select the country you want to view the App Store of
that country.
ThemeStore is available
for free on BigBoss repo and is compatible with iOS 9. Download it now.