Change “Press Home to unlock” to anything you like | No Jailbreak

You may have noticed a message on your iOS device’s lockscreen that says “Press Home to
unlock”. Today I have a really interesting tweak that allows you to change that text to anything you like. And to do that, you do not even need Jailbreak. It just works fine on iOS 11.1.2.
To replace the “Press Home to unlock” text to any custom text on your iPhone, you need to
follow all the steps carefully which are listed below. If you miss any of the steps or try to modify anything without a proper knowledge, you device may brick down. So read this article all the way from top to bottom so that you do not miss anything.
Before you could get a custom text on your lockscreen, first you need to download the
TweakBox app. To get TweakBox app on your iOS device, all you need to do is:
  • Launch Safari
  • Go to
  • Tap Download App – Allow and Install

After the installation is completed

  • Launch the tweakbox app
  • Go to Apps section
  • Tap Tweakbox Apps
  • Tap Filza and Tap Install

Now the main work is here! The Filza app is only for advanced users that allows iOS users to dig into iOS system. If you change any values by mistake then the whole iOS might get corrupted and you may have to restore your device to make your device work once again. So let’s get started:

Launch Filza App and then go to System – Library – CoreServices – –
en_GB.IProj – SpringBoard.strings – tap root – scroll all the way down and find
First tap on “PRESS_HOME_TO_OPEN” tab and under VALUE option, change the text to anything you like such as your name, or almost anything as per your choice and tap save.
Do the same thing with “PRESS_HOME_TO_UNLOCK” option. The value must be same on both tabs.
After that reboot your device and the next time you wake up your device, you will see a
custom text on your iOS device’s lockscreen that you had set earlier.