Beware! Do not Install this Profile. It will brick any iPhone

Hello guys, beware with the iPhone or iPad Profile while installing from any unknown source.
You might have been installing many configuration profiles from third party source or unknown source to get free apps, games or installing for any purpose but note that your device might get bricked doing so.
The video posted by iReviews on his YouTube channels shows installing untrusted source can brick your iPhone or iPad. Yeah that’s true, with the OWOBreak profile installed on your iPhone can brick your device which will lose all of your data from your iPhone. And this will fix only when restoring your Device.
Take a look at the Video for more details:


So, stay away from it and be careful on what you install on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, 10 & 11. I always recommend you to install the trusted profile and be safe from bricking your iOS devices.