iPhone: Bestand Qi Wireless Charging Stand is Yours For $13 Only

Have you discovered your desk yet a reliable wireless charger? These days at Amazon, they’re fairly inexpensive with alternatives like the Bestand Qi Wireless Charging Stand priced around $20 on a regular basis. You can even save some money on your purchase by entering NCGSEYWU promo code during checkout which will drop your purchase price to just $13.49.

You can forget about it instead of scouring your apartment to the last location you left your charging cable. It enables you to start charging simply by setting your Qi-compatible smartphone to rest on this stand. It features a 2-coil design to deliver faster-charging speed and has a silicone anti-skid pad at the bottom to make sure it doesn’t slide around when you down or remove your phone. While laying horizontally or vertically, it can charge your mobile as well.

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Bestand even involves a one-year warranty with the acquisition of this stand and a USB cable for keeping it powered. You will still need to use your own USB wall adapter with it, however, as you won’t get one with the stand.

For this wireless charging stand at Amazon, nearly 170 clients left a review, leading in a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.