Best new games : Super Sharp, Max Ammo and more Part 2

Check out some best new games:
Sharp (1.99$)

something incredibly elegant about Super Sharp’s minimalist puzzles. With
single swipe, you can cut through platforms, ropes, & obstacles, sending
the pieces careening off-screen causing them to fall in just the right manner
& completing each level. Cut with skill to complete the 120 ingenious
physics levels of Super Sharp & become a cut master!

Ammo (Free)

the most insane action shooter today! Shoot, upgrade & craft your way
through hundreds of levels of intense blasting action, with loads of new
challenges. It’s just you versus the Reptor Empire & you’re going to need
Max Ammo.

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

human & survive in the official mobile game of The Walking Dead. It is a
thrilling action packed RPG game where tactical choices make a difference
between life & death.
Blind Legend (Free)

the first ever mobile action-adventure game without video – where ears replace
eyes! Discover the original, innovative a sensory experience of 3D sound.