Become a PUBG Master With This Trigger Button For iPhone & iPad

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game worldwide. It is played all around the world and there are millions of player playing it every day. The controls are great but if you play with just two fingers then you are missing something. That’s when this trigger button for iPhone and iPad comes to handy.

What it does is it allows you to assign two more controls to your game. Meaning you can walk around and seen by touching the screen and aim & shoot with the help of trigger. So you have 4 different control with this trigger. Isn’t it great?

This gamepad trigger for iPhone and iPad costs $13.99 usually but with discount code¬†40JVBATI, it’s only $8.39.

From the Product Page:

  • Compatible Games: Designed for games on 4.5-12.9 inch smartphone and iPad/Android(Samsung, Huawei, etc) Tablet, such as PUBG, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc
  • Faster Operation: Support 4 fingers operate at the same time, shooting while moving, faster than the enemy, reducing shooting by mistake, with the comfortable buttons and grip, just say goodbye to finger numbness.
  • Comfortable & Wide Sight: The gamepad and ignition controller are integrated to make your hand feel more comfortable. Smart design let the screen visual area up to 99%, just enjoy your game with wide sight.
  • Performance: High-density conductive rubber and alloy buttons ensure a fast and sensitive response. No need for power and drive, easy to use, high precision, and improved game performance.
  • Excellent Service: Every COCASES product includes a 30-day money back & 18-month warranty for non-human damage. Please make sure to purchase in COCASES store.

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