Popular Photographer Austin Mann Praises The New Camera Setup On iPhone 11 Pro

Before the hands-on with the newly launched iPhone 11 line up ahead of Friday, Austin Mann shared his experience on the new camera hardware. Mann admires about the Night mode and Ultra-wide-angel lens on the iPhone 11 Pro model as he figures out some features are still lacking on that powerful device.

While talking about the night mode, Mann trust that the features will ” fully provide how they are completely different than the previous version”. He noticed that Apple didn’t simply change the day shot rather focus on the artistic expression on the night shot.

Additionally, Mann calls night mode he “a most dramatic leap forward we’ve seen” after iPhone 5 announce the panoramic model in 2012. Here are some shots from the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone XS which probably shows that iPhone 11 Pro is magnificent.

As the new device is set up with the new triple-lens camera. Mann describes the involvement in the new device Camera app as:

“One of the most interesting camera features introduced this year is “Capture Outside the Frame.” Basically, if I’m shooting with the Wide (26 mm), the iPhone 11 Pro is also capturing with the Ultra Wide (13 mm) so I can decide later about my framing. If the software detects a human on the edge of your frame, a little icon pops up to indicate you might want to crop out, which is pretty cool. As part of this feature, I can see what’s just outside of my frame (a preview of what would be included in my shot if I switched to the Ultra Wide 13 mm)”.

Mann praised the new features ultra-wide-angle lens on the newly launched device. Some shots related to the ultra-wide shots from iPhone 11 Pro are pictured below which can distinguish “what is ultra-wide shot” far better from the normal shot.

Have you got your ordered device & checked out the ultra-wide and night mode shot?