AppShortcut: Quickly Access Your Favorite Apps On iPhone

If your iPhone is Jailbroken then you can customize it in any way you want. Here is a must-have Cydia tweak for Jailbreak user that allows you to access your favorite apps on iPhone.

We are talking about newly released Cydia Tweak called AppShortcut by iOS developer donbytyqi that gives you access to your favorite apps from anywhere on the screen. You can launch it from Lock Screen, Home Screen or from within the app.

You might be familiar with the iOS’ AssistiveTouch feature where you can find a bunch of features just by tapping it once. After you’re done you tap it again to collapse it right? The idea is the same with AppShortcut Cydia Tweak. Just tap it once and you will see the list of the apps you have assigned to this tweak.

You will have a separate preference pane for this tweak in the Settings app where you can customize the tweak as per your taste.

If you want to download AppShortcut on your Jailbroken iPhone then you can get it from Packix repo for $1.99 and it is compatible with iOS 12 Jailbroken devices.

How To Install AppShortcut from Cydia

1: Launch Cydia

2: Tap Source – Edit – Add

3: Tap the Search tab and search for AppShortcut

4: Install it and you’re done!