Apple Watch Saves One More Life

Another day, a different life! It seems that Apple Watch is getting used to saving lives. We have another incident where a 48-year-old man from the UK was helped by the Apple Watch to save his life. Paul Hutton was warned of low heartbeats and he had the surgery done as a result.

Hutton noted that his heart rate dropped from 40bpm on a regular basis. The normal heart rate of rest is 60-100bpm and less than the minimum was 40bpm. Fortunately, Hutton decided to consult his doctor who suggested a major surgery in turn. A condition in which heart beats irregularly was diagnosed with ventricular bigeminy. Hutton was subjected to a three-hour surgical process to reverse the problem as a final resort.

We’ve seen recently how Apple Watch helped a user call Emergency Service in distress while avoiding drowning. We also read Paul Harrison’s accounts that apart from that, he was alerted to impending heart conditions and decided to go for major surgery.

Via: Telegraph