Apple Watch Rescue Hikers Life

Once again Apple Watch is able to save the life of hikers. It is not strange things happen for the first time. Apple Watch has always been the best gadgets when it comes to saving a life. Fall detection and ECG features on the watch really help to save the life of peoples. A New Jersey man and his partner fell from the cliff during hiking. Apple Watch saves their life by dialing 911.

James Prudenciano and his partner Paige Paruso took a detour from the trail. They quickly discover they had mistaken drop off into the Navesink River as a short cliff. The evening sun made the hikers tough to see the way ahead. During the Accident, James fell on the rock and fractured his back. While Paruso had a minor injury falling on rivers. Prudenciano said that:

“I was screaming that I’m going to die because I really felt I was going to die,” he said in an interview with News 12. “There was no way out of this for me. I literally said my last goodbyes.”

After that Apple Watch gets into the action and dials 911 for the rescue. Probably it could be the Apple Watch Series 4 or above with the fall detection features. If Apple Watch detects the hard fall it is programmed with asking whether to contact or not. If it goes un answer for more than one minutes it calls 911 automatically with user coordinates.