Apple reportedly undergo to minimize orders for iPhone 7 [Report]

Apple reportedly has undergo
to minimize the orders for iPhone 7s according to sources from Taiwan’s handset
supply chain. Source said the initial consignment momentum of the iPhone 7 was in part moved by strong demand for the jet black iPhone 7
models and in part demand for the iPhone 7 devices in China and other markets
has scaled down significantly since their launch less than three months ago.
Instead of paying attention
to sales performance of the iPhone 7 devices, component suppliers and consumers
alike have been shifting their focus to the next generation iPhone to be
released in 2017.
As rumoured, the next
generation iPhone iPhone 8 will be a major update to feature glass
 in order to support wireless charging, OLED
display, 3D camera, bezel less and more.
Affected by consumers’ high
expectations on the next generation iPhone, makers in the supply chain are
mostly conservative about the shipment outlook for the iPhone 7 in the first
half of 2017, expecting shipments in this six-month period to be at least five
million units less than those shipped in the second half of 2016. 

Via Digitimes