Apple To Replace 3D Touch With iPhone XR’s Haptic Touch To All 2019 iPhone Models

Four years after it arrived as part of the iPhone 6s announcement, Apple seems set to kill off 3D Touch. According to a new report, the feature, which allows users to firmly press the iPhone screen to access additional features, will not be part of the 2019 iPhone lineup.

The report comes through a research note from Barclays seen by MacRumors, and corroborates a similar report from The Wall Street Journal earlier this year, as well as being a confirmation of an earlier note from Barclays on the subject.

The belief is that in favor of using the same Haptic Touch feature it released last year with the iPhone XR, Apple will nix 3D Touch.

The use of Haptic Touch for the iPhone XR rather than 3D Touch was said to be related to the bezel-free LCD screen used, but this is not a problem with the OLED panels used in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. However, Apple has now moved all of its iPhones to Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch, despite working in fewer places across iOS.

With Apple set to announce iOS 13 at WWDC on June 3rd, we may see system and app changes that enable Haptic Touch to be used in the same manner as the current 3D Touch feature. If that’s the case then this move may not have any downside, despite it appearing to be a step backwards on the surface.

Source: MacRumors