Apple releases iPhone SE with 12MP camera, Live Photos, 4K video and more…

4-inch iPhone is the most popular smart
phone in the world and  is the important part of the iPhone line up. Apple
sold 30 million 4 inch iPhones all over the world. So to continue the 4-inch
iPhone series, Apple brought a new iPhone as iPhone SE with aluminium design
which is the powerful 4 inch phone ever which makes even better that
iphone 5S emended A9 and M9 processor. 
Apple brought a new iPhone as iPhone SE with aluminium design which is the powerful 4 inch phone ever
The 4-inch iPhone SE is as
powerful as iPhone 6S and 2x more powerful than iPhone 5S. The graphic
performance is 3x faster than the previous iPhone 5S.
The iPhone SE allows users to access
“Hey Siri” without having to press the home button. Other features
include 12MP iSight camera with 4K video recording, 64MP Panoroma camera,
capture live photos, 3x brighter retina flash for selfies, and NFC chip for Apple
iPhone SE to cost $399 for 16gb and
higher capacity model at $499. Orders staring from 24th March to 31st and it will
be launch over 110 countries. 
Along with that Apple releases iOS 9.3 which has been tested for a long time. One of the major features on iOS 9.3 is Night Shift
Mode where the color temperature of the screen changes automatically so that it
is easier to see the device’s screen on any conditions. Other features include
Touch ID in Notes app, enhancement in health app, Carplay receives an Apple
Music Support, classroom app, Wi-Fi calling on Verizon networks and many more.
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