Apple releases iOS 10 Beta 8 to Developers and Beta 7 to Public Testers

Since Apple is
in final stage of its new iPhone and iOS 10 final launch. So as fast, Apple has
released iOS 10 beta 8 (build number “14A5346a”) to
developer testers and iOS 10 beta 7 to public testers for
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 10 Beta 8 comes just a week after
the iOS 10 beta 7 was released. 
Apple has released iOS 10 beta 8 (build number “14A5346a”) to developer testers and iOS 10 beta 7 to public testers for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 10 Beta 8 comes just a week after the iOS 10 beta 7 was released.
This beta version of iOS 10 contains bug
fixes and improvements. Apple is planning to release iOS 10 final version
to the public in the next few weeks.
iOS 10 beta 8 update
is available through over-the-air (OTA) for devices registered with Apple’s
beta program and Apple’s online developer centre or
if you are running previous iOS 10 beta 7.

To install beta 8 of iOS 10, head over to Settings > General >
Software Update on your registered iOS device and tap “Download”.
After download completes hit install. Wait for a while and the new iOS 10 beta 8
is installed on your device.
Compatible deivces for iOS 10 are
the same as those we had discussed ealier, but the iPhone 4s, original iPad
mini and iPad 2 are no longer supported.
We will be
giving more information about this new beta if any features are
spotted. Till then Stay with us for more updates.
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