Apple Release WatchOS 6.1.1 First Beta for Developers

Apple released the first beta of watchOS 6.1.1 first beta for developers for approaching WatchOS 6.1.1 update. Apple released the watchOS 6.1 a week before supporting AirPods and Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 models.

It certainly includes bug fixes, fine-tuning features and can be added to security updates. We could also see it feature as part of the latest iOS 13.3 Screen Time Communication Limits. Once the correct setup profile has been updated from the Apple Developer Center, the latest watchOS beta can be downloaded through the Apple Watch app. By going to General > Software Update.

Although this update works on the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 model. Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 users can have now several features added on their watch now. Some of the features include first-party apps to the device, Audiobooks, voice memos and apps for the Calculator. As well as the new beta update includes better performance and many more features.

Let us know in the comment about the new features on watchOS 6.1.1?