Apple Release New Arcade Games

Apple Arcade is the new Apple game service provider for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users. Apple arcade service is getting a lot of observation since it’s release. The service adds five new games every week. The service has just released few new games:  Star Fetched, Super Mega Mini Party, Monomals, and The Mosaic.

Star Fetched

Star Fetched is a sci-fi game where you play as a young explorer in the space. In the game, you have to save the planet from the incoming aliens.

Super Mega Mini Party

Start competing in hyper-casual multiplayer mini-games with the player from all over the world or hold a super Mega Mini Party with friends.

The Mosaic

Mosiac is a dark surreal adventure atmospheric game about urban isolation. The fair of being a piece of massive machinery that you can’t understand.


Among the best animal Dj in the world, there’s a big music contest going on. Armed with the large fishing rods and a plug, go fishing into deep waters to help the Dj’s catch all the MonomalsTm. And create your own music in the MonoMakersTm.

Apple Arcade gaming service now has a total of about 94 titles running on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can have this service at $4.99 per month in a purchase.

Are you enjoying the new games at Apple Arcade gaming service?