Apple Release New 13.2 Software For The HomePods

Apple recently release a new software update for the HomePods. The new 13.2 software for the HomePods is much awaited with the features like Handoff and voice detection for different family members. Although some users are detecting the problem in the update too.

Consumers who see an issue on both of their HomePods experience a “white swirl” or a limitless reset loop. According to the forums of MacRumors  forums:

I have two HomePods with the same issue you describe after the update 13.2. HomePods both stopped responding after the update. I reset both HomePods hoping to fix the problem, but now I have a white swirl on top of both, and the install pop-up does not work on either HomePods, and I can no longer reset both HomePods because the long press on top no longer functions. Just an endless white swirl. I will wait a while to see if others have similar issues before contacting Apple support.

Some users faced the issue immediately after updating the new software. While others faced the problems after resetting the device updated to 13.2 software. Several users have pointed out that the installation of the 13.2 programs occurred before upgrading to iOS 13.2. From Reddit:

Updated ‌HomePod‌ remotely through ‌HomePod‌ before updating phone, once back at home updated phone to 13.2. Now the phone update was complete I never saw the new features splash screen so started looking through menus to see if new features were showing, although maybe nothing had change in menu anyway on 13.2, either way I removed the ‌HomePod‌ from the home app to begin a hard reset. On powering back up to begin red ring reset, ‌HomePod‌ appeared to be constantly reboot every 8-10secs not allowing enough time for the red ring to reset.

Users with the impact of HomePods had already consulted Apple Support and were able to organize them for replacement. According to Reddit:

My update worked but the voice recognition wasn’t working so I removed it from Apple home. Then I tried to factory reset it and boom. Hit a brick wall. Quite literally. Home pod bricked for now. Been into support earlier this evening and they are sending me a box to send it in for repair.

Due to numerous complaints about the fault in the HomePods. Therefore it should be avoided by the HomePods users who have not updated to new software. You must stop resetting your HomePod at the moment if you’ve updated the new software.