Apple Release New 13.2.1 Update For HomePod

Apple recently releases a new 13.2.1 software update for the HomePods. After having several issues on the 13.2 updates the new update comes with fixing the brick issues. Although the new update 13.2.1 does not bring anything new than the previous update.

The new older 13.2 software for the HomePods is much awaited with the features like Handoff and voice detection for different family members. But almost all of the users detect the problem in that update.

Due to numerous complaints about the fault in the HomePods. Therefore it was notified not to update to new software. But the new updates 13.2.1 comes with fixing the bugs and improvement in performance.

Here are some of the note of the updates:

  • Adding music to HomeKit scenes.
  • The features of HomePods to recognize the voices of all the family members to make a customizes experience available.
  • Set sleep timer
  • Ambient Sound with relaxing quality soundtracks.
  • Handoff music, podcasts or phone calls with iPhone near HomePod.

Most of the users who had updated to 13.2  software had a deep shock after having their smart speaker ended up in the boot loop. As after receiving complaints from the users, Apple was too quick to overcome that problem highlighting the main issues on the 13.2 update.

This update is only for those users who hadn’t yet till update to 13.2 updates. As for those users whose HomePods is bricked during the update of 13.2 updates need to contact the local Apple Store.