Apple Release Five New Arcade Games

Apple Arcade is the new Apple game service provider for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users. Apple arcade service is getting a lot of observation since it’s release. The service has just released a few games. They are Fallen Knight, Yaga, Lifelike, Hogwash, and Tales of Memo.

Fallen Knight:

It is an action game in which the player has to save the city from the terrorist organization. The most interesting is the game has multiple endings which are decided by choice of gameplay. Fallen Knight offers six stages.


Yaga is a game where users play as an unlucky blacksmith. In this game, cazr assign the task to Ivan which needs to perform under the watchful eyes of a witch.

Tales of Memos:

Tales of memo seems to be a virtual card game adaption based on classic memories. By solving the puzzle and beating your rivals, you can move to the next stage. The character name Memo and his quest to save his home center around the games.



Likelike is like a health-focused game like a meditative game. The gameplay is focused to relieve stress and rejuvenating.



Hogwash is a game that involves running a day to operate the pig farm. You need to manage the pigs and stop them from creating havoc. The game supports multiplayer mode and the timer helps decide who wins.


Apple Arcade gaming service now has a total of about 100 titles running on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. You can have this service at $4.99 per month in purchase.

Are you enjoying the new games at Apple Arcade gaming service?