Apple Is Testing To Release Folding iPhones For 2022

According to a new UDN report, Apple is testing a design for a foldable iPhone that could be released as soon as 2022. If correct, Apple will release an important update on its iPhone design only two years after the release of its 5G iPhone 12.

According to foreign reports, Apple assesses the use of OLED or micro-LEDs for the first foldable iPhone screen as these two screens affect subsequent assembly processes, which differ quite considerably. In September 2022, the first foldable iPhone is scheduled to be released.

It was said that Apple is now testing key components, including the display and folding mechanism. Samsung will supply the display panel and a number of suppliers are lined up. Probably Foxconn will handle the assembly.

In the past, there were about 20 000 to 30 000 laptop coating folding tests and up to 50 000 for better specifications. Mobile phone testing takes over 100,000 times, however and the requirements are tougher. The first foldable iPhone uses coatings and depends on Taiwanese producers like Nippon Nippon’s energy research and development that worked with Apple in the notebook industry.