Apple introduces JavaScript-based API for Live Photos on web

Apple has introduces LivePhotosKit JS, a
new JavaScript – based API for Live Photos for web developers to embed on their
websites and web apps that is users can can share their Live Photos within your
app on iOS, macOS and the web.
Live Photos allows you to relive your
favorite memories with movement and sound. Take advantage of the new
Live Photos API and let users enjoy these moments in your web app.
LivePhotosKit JS-JavaScript-based-API-for-Live-Photos-on-web-apple
This new JavaScript-based API makes it easy to embed Live Photos on your
websites. In addition to enabling Live Photos on iOS and macOS, you can now let
users display their Live Photos on the web.
The LivePhotosKit JS API is available
on NPM
For more information, you can learn about
LivePhotosKit JS library from
Source- Apple