Apple Card Users Faces The Problems When Paying Through Card

Apple Card is one of the easiest ways payments for Apple users to have discounts or cashback on any service or products. Recently Apple Card is facing the issue during the payment time. Apple Card users are complaining through these issues via Twitter and other channels. The main problem mainly affects consumers who try to pay through card via wallet.

Apple card comes with various feature likes interest rate calculator, daily cashback and other management settings. As the users are being treated with the “Account Services Unavailable” message during the payment. Apple Pay services are currently unavailable, the description says, and ask you to try again later.

The same message appears for the multiple payment attempts. Through the issue, one user reported that the amount was deducted from the balance but the payment didn’t go through. Even the apps are also giving the error message. Several users had done the payment and yet to receive any verification notifications related to the payment.

To make the complicate matters better, affected users need to get in touch with the executives at Goldman Sach. Furthermore, members do not chat to accept cancellation requests in return ask users to contact them. Apple assures to solve the issues as soon as possible. But before the issue fixing it is better not to have any payment through the Apple Card.