Apple Arcade vs Google Play Pass

With the release of iOS 13, Apple released the Apple Arcade game only for $4.99 per month which provide different type of new exclusive games. After the two weeks, Google announced its gaming service called Play Pass, which offers unlimited games. Both the Apple Arcade and Play Pass are offered with the $4.99 per month, while Apple provides 30 days free trial whereas Google provides 10 days free trial

Although both are tagged with the same price they are quite different in service. Apple Arcade features the new and exclusive game whereas Play Pass offers the older games. In some cases, though some of the games are also available on consoles, on mobile platforms, Apple Arcade gets exclusive access. That means no Android equivalent.

Play Pass encompasses some popular games like  Stardew Valley, Reigns, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Terraria, and many more, but the problem with the Play Pass is that it contains the older game and not limited to games.

Apple had launched the Apple Arcade with around 60 games and had a word to add a new game in a month-wise while Google says there are hundreds of apps and games included with more being added every month. Both offered services are offline so there is no need for internet connection.

Apple allows the six family members to access the single Apple Arcade using family sharing while Google allows only five family members to share through the Google Play Family Library.
Which one do you prefer Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass?