Apple announcing iOS 12! What’s new

Apple is now announcing iOS 12 with new AR features, Photos improvement, group notifications, improved Siri, Group Facetime, updated stock app and more at WWDC 2018.

The very new thing that Apple brings in iOS 12 is “Memoji” an advanced version of Animoji.

iOS 12 will support all devices that supported iOS 11 including iPhone 5S and it will be a free update.

“iOS 12 is double down on performance faster than previous iOS version.” Among 81% of the users are running the iOS 11 that has 95% satisfaction.

Federighi calls out the Augmented Reality Measure app on iOS 12 that makes you easy to detect any objects, measures lines on surfaces, length and more automatically.

Likewise, a new 3D AR objects embedded in a web page in Safari which is very great. ARKit 2 now comes with improved face tracking, 3D object detection and more.

iOS 12 updates can be available on iPhone and iPad through OTA or via iTunes.

List of iOS 12 Compatible devices