Why do Apple AirPods have 3 tiny holes on it?

If you use an Apple Airpods you might have noticed three extra holes that are present on it. But why are there holes in your Airpods? What these holes do? Are they for a reason? And the answer is yes!

The holes on Apple wireless Airpods and wired Earpods are for a very good reason. Apple cleverly created these holes to make the sound of an Airpods even great and amazing. But how? In this post, you will know the reason behind the holes that are present on your Apple Airpods.

As we know there are tiny speakers built inside the Apple earphone which vibrates with the help of cone and electromagnet. The vibration from cone creates a pressure inside it which makes it harder for speaker to vibrate more freely. But Apple has created three holes on Airpods to control the air pressure by letting the air flow in and out with the help of these
holes. The airflow from these holes helps to control the air pressure making it easier for tiny speakers on Airpods to move freely resulting in better and greater sound.

This is why your Apple Airpods sound so good. There is a scientific reason of why they are so great and you have known it already.

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