New Airpods Pro To Featured With Different Colors

Apple could launch AirPods pro later this month with eight different colors. Which includes White, Black and a new Midnight-Green finish to match iPhone 11 Pro models. Rumors from china reveal that Apple could launch AirPods pro with noise cancellation for about $259.

Eight different colors is certainly a lot. The new AirPods will feature air vents for noise cancellation and the new metal design for the heat dissipation. Last month MacRumors discovered that Airpods with the rubber ear tips help to block out the noise. Apple released th Airpods 2 that supports the Siri function, an optional wireless charging case as well as 50% more talk time.

EDN is the second source to report that Apple will finally make its earbuds available in black. Until now, white was the only option. In addition, they’ll supposedly have a coating that will make them less slippery. The most important in the Airpods Pro is that it will come with the wider case to be in fit with the ear tips. Airpods Pro will be marked with the multiple listening modes as they could have the same transparency as the new Beats Solo Pro.

After the release of the wireless earbuds, a lot of change is remarked in comparison to the first release AirPods. Although AirPods still dominates the market, there is a wide range of other impressive earbuds with a superior feature set. But Airpods Pro will include active noise cancellation, water resistance, and improved sound quality. By revealing the Airpods Pro in the days to come Apple can ensure that they won’t fall in the competition behind. Rumors says that Airpods Pro will be revealed in the March events next year.