AirPods 2 Review [Wireless, Hey Siri, Faster] – Everything Same in Design but better

Here's short AirPods 2 review by EverythingApplePro & Marques Brownlee. What's New?Same Design, Faster, Hey Siri, Wireless Charging, no difference in sound

Apple introduces the second-generation AirPods 2 with a lot more features like H1 chip, hands-free Siri, better battery life but the design remains the same.

AirPods 2 Tips & Tricks

AirPods 2 now available from the company’s website and Amazon, for $159 for with Charging Case, and $199 with Wireless charging case. As for the price, it costs the same as the previous generation AirPods that does not include the wireless charging case but if you want the wireless charging case then you need to add $40 more. Also if you would like to add a wireless charging case to your old AirPods, you can buy it separately for $79.

AirPods is one of the greatest product that Apple has ever built. It is also one of the revolutionary product that is completely wireless and very unique. It’s a little bit expensive but the features it offers is worth the price.

AirPods 2 works with all the Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even Apple TV and even Android devices.

Should I buy new AirPods 2?

There’s something new in AirPods 2 except its design. If you don’t care about the design but want to experience the wireless charging feature, Hey Siri then you can upgrade it.

Here’s a short review of AirPods 2 by @EverythingApplePro & @Marques Brownlee

What’s New?

  • Same Design, Faster, Hey Siri, Wireless Charging, no difference in sound,

AirPods 1 VS AirPods 2

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